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CanadaSEH nitrogen hydrogenation purification unit

2020-09-23 14:21:03
CanadaSEH nitrogen hydrogenation purification unit

                                                                  Product introduction

     Nitrogen and hydrogen at a certain flow enter the purification device at the same time. First, they are mixed uniformly through the automatic ratio device of nitrogen and hydrogen and static mixer, and then into the catalytic deoxidizer. Under the action of catalyst, the residual oxygen in nitrogen reacts with hydrogen to generate water. The chemical reaction formula is 2h2 + O, =2h2o, Nitrogen enters the dehydrogenation unit after passing through the filter water to remove excess hydrogen. If the process allows a certain amount of hydrogen in nitrogen, it will not be dehydrogenated. Finally, nitrogen is removed by the cold dryer and suction dryer to obtain the dry high purity nitrogen.

Sen HA is hydrodeoxidation and non dehydrogenation, and Sen Hb is hydrodeoxidation and dehydrogenation. The process is especially suitable for heat treatment, chemical industry, glass, metal material and other industries.

SEH nitrogen hydrogenation purification unit

                                                                    Technical features

1.The deoxidation and dehydrogenation catalyst is efficient and durable, with long service life and good stability.

2.Deoxidation can be carried out at room temperature without heating, which greatly saves energy consumption.

3.General nitrogen can be selected in the range of 98 ~ 99.9%.

4.The hydrogenation purification unit is equipped with nitrogen and hydrogen automatic proportioning device according to the working conditions, which can automatically calculate and control the amount of hydrogen added according to the inflow and purity of nitrogen. It is fully automatic control, with sensitive equipment response, small lag and high adjustment accuracy.

5.All electrical appliances in contact with hydrogen are explosion-proof, safe and reliable.

6.The mixing of nitrogen and hydrogen is completed in a static mixer with good mixing effect and less hydrogen consumption.

7.Equipped with automatic interlock venting, a variety of fault alarm.

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