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AmericaSRO pressure swing adsorption oxygen plant

2020-10-31 13:17:53
AmericaSRO pressure swing adsorption oxygen plant

Product features

The whole machine runs reliably

The organic combination of advanced oxygen making process design, scientific gas distribution structure, unique molecular sieve filling process, unique protection measures for oxygen production molecular sieve and automatic cylinder compression compensation device are conducive to the long-term use of oxygen production molecular sieve. The continuous production is stable. The imported PLC control system and the imported pneumatic valve with a switching life of 3 million times are adopted to ensure the continuous and reliable operation of the device.

Advanced control system

PLC control system, high degree of automation, can choose touch screen control system, user-friendly interface design, with multi screen display function, can online display nitrogen purity, flow, pressure, fault signal and other parameters, and can modify the operation parameters online, with remote monitoring, remote signal and remote start-up and shutdown functions, high degree of automation, simple operation, can achieve full automation It can be controlled with DCS system.

Low operating cost

Compared with others (including cryogenic oxygen, liquid oxygen, cylinder oxygen), PSA oxygen production has lower operating cost in small and medium-sized plants.

SRO pressure swing adsorption oxygen plant

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