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SEN350-295Nitrogen generating unit

2020-11-26 15:29:54
SEN350-295Nitrogen generating unit

Nitrogen machine production

working principle:

Pressure swing adsorption nitrogen equipment uses carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent and uses pressure swing adsorption principle to obtain nitrogen. Under a certain pressure, by using the difference of adsorption amount of oxygen and nitrogen in air on the surface of carbon molecular sieve, that is, the diffusion adsorption of oxygen by carbon molecular sieve is far greater than that of nitrogen, the opening and closing of pneumatic valve can be controlled by programming, so as to achieve the process of alternating circulation of tower a and Tower B, pressurized adsorption and decompression desorption under pressure, so as to complete the separation of oxygen and nitrogen and obtain nitrogen with the required purity.

Product features:

The whole machine runs reliably

The combination of advanced nitrogen production process design, patented gas distribution structure, patented adsorption tower with composite bed structure, unique carbon molecular sieve filling process, unique carbon molecular sieve protection measures and automatic cylinder compression compensation device, the normal service life of the nitrogen generator can reach more than 10 years.

Stable continuous production

The imported PLC control system and the imported pneumatic valve with a switching life of 3 million times are adopted to ensure the continuous and reliable operation of the device.

Advanced control system

Siemens PLC control system, stable and reliable, high degree of automation.

The touch screen control system is optional. It adopts Humanized Interface Design and has multi screen display function. It can display parameters such as nitrogen purity, flow rate, pressure, fault signal, etc., and can modify the operation parameters online. It has the functions of remote monitoring, remote signal transmission and remote start-up and shutdown. It has high degree of automation and simple operation. It can realize automatic and unmanned operation and can communicate with DCS of users System joint control.

It can be equipped with industrial computer control system, easy to operate, intuitive display, and remote monitoring.

The unique on-line analog control display screen can display the system process flow and valve opening and closing status online, which is intuitive and convenient with strong monitoring.

Stable gas quality

The adsorption process with adjustable nitrogen flow and pressure is equipped with automatic interlock venting device to ensure the purity of nitrogen production and long-term stability of pressure.

Low operating cost

Compared with others (including cryogenic nitrogen production, membrane nitrogen production, liquid nitrogen, cylinder nitrogen), PSA nitrogen production costs are lower in small and medium-sized plants.

Perfect after sales service

Perfect after-sales service system, quick response mechanism and marketing service network distribution ensure that every customer can use it safely for a long time.

Nitrogen machine production

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