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SEO special gas dryer

2020-11-16 08:55:32
SEO special gas dryer

Professional dryer production

working principle

Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) is widely used in dehydration and drying of special gases such as hydrogen, oxygen, natural gas and so on.

 dryer production and manufacturing

Technical features

1. Dry special gases such as hydrogen, oxygen and natural gas;

2. The gas consumption and energy consumption of equipment regeneration are low;

3. The dew point of product gas is stable;

4. Microcomputer control, LCD, led real-time display equipment running status;

5. Various fault alarm and processing functions;

6. The heating control adopts non-contact solid-state switch, with small temperature control overshoot and long service life;

7. Explosion proof design can be adopted according to requirements;

8. RS485 / RS232, linkage interface and dew point detection function are optional;

9. Reasonable structure design, easy to operate and maintain.

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