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SYR waste heat regeneration dryer

2020-10-23 13:09:03
SYR waste heat regeneration dryer

working principle

The waste heat regeneration dryer absorbs the advantages of high temperature desorption of thermal adsorption dryer and large adsorption capacity of heatless drying machine at room temperature, avoids the disadvantages of short switching time and large regeneration gas consumption of heatless drying machine, and overcomes the disadvantages of high mechanical and electrical consumption of thermal absorption dryer. It takes advantage of the high exhaust temperature of air compressor to carry out the regeneration and dehydration of adsorbent, and adopts temperature and pressure change Adsorption principle, a device for drying compressed air. It is suitable for air compressor with exhaust temperature ≥ 110 ° C.

Working condition and technical index

Working pressure: 0.5 ~ 1.0MPa

Intake oil content:  0.1ppm

Air inlet temperature: 110 °C ~ 220°C

Cooling water pressure:  0.2 ~ 0.4MPa

Dry air dew point:  - 40°C ~ - 60°C

Cooling water temperature:  ≤ 32°C

Regeneration gas consumption: 1%

The adsorption cycle is 8 hours

Treatment capacity:  10 ~ 600nm / min

Pressure loss:  ≤ 0.04MPa

Note: the exhaust temperature of compressed air must be more than or equal to 110 ° C to prevent the deep dehydration of desiccant by air.

SYR waste heat regeneration dryer

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