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Air cooled SRL freeze dryer

2020-10-08 11:15:26
Air cooled SRL freeze dryer

working principle

The freeze dryer is a kind of equipment which uses the principle of freezing and dehumidification to dry the compressed air. It adopts high-quality imported components, with reliable performance, stable operation, low noise, low energy consumption and no foundation installation, so it is widely used.

Gas system

The compressed air is cooled to 2 ° C ~ 10 ° C by the high-efficiency precooler and evaporator, enters the gas-water separator to remove the condensed water, and finally returns to the high-efficiency precooler for heavy heat. After recovering part of the heat, the compressed air with stable dew point is obtained, which can effectively prevent pipeline condensation.

Refrigerant system

After the refrigerant is pressurized in the refrigeration compressor, it is cooled or cooled by the condenser, and then converted into a low-temperature liquid. It enters the evaporator to absorb the heat in the compressed air and vaporizes. After passing through the gas-liquid separator, it enters the refrigeration compressor for cyclic compression.

Air cooled SRL freeze dryer

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