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VPSA vacuum pressure swing adsorption oxygen plant

2020-10-17 10:52:43
VPSA vacuum pressure swing adsorption oxygen plant

working principle:

Oxygen is an important industrial gas, which is widely used in iron and steel, nonferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, furnace energy conservation, environmental protection (sewage treatment, waste incineration, etc.), glass, paper, medical and other industries. With the appearance of lithium molecular sieve adsorbent in the 1990s, pressure swing adsorption (PSA) air separation technology for oxygen production has rapidly developed into a new low-cost oxygen production technology and has been widely used.

Shenger company has successfully developed a complete set of PSA oxygen production technology based on PU-8, which is a new type of high-efficiency lithium-based air separation oxygen production adsorbent independently developed and produced. At the same time, it has successfully developed a unique design technology of air distributor, which has solved the problem of air distribution uniformity of large-diameter shallow adsorption bed, and realized the large-scale oxygen production device.

According to the needs of users, Shenger company can provide a complete set of PSA air separation oxygen production equipment, or cooperate in the form of equipment leasing and on-site gas supply, and can also use PU-8 high-efficiency oxygen generation adsorbent to carry out technical transformation on the original oxygen generation device of users.

Technical index:

Oxygen production scale: 10 ~ 20000 nm '/ h

Oxygen purity: adjustable from 21% to 95%

Energy consumption of oxygen production: 0.32 ~ 0.37kw.h/nm3 when the purity of oxygen is 90%

Product features:

The energy consumption of oxygen production is low, and the power consumption is 10 ~ 30% lower than that of similar domestic technologies.

It has the advantages of simple operation, convenient start-up and shutdown (starting time less than 30 minutes), small floor area, low maintenance cost, low installation and civil engineering cost

Advanced process flow, high degree of automation, high flexibility of operation, high reliability of long-term operation.

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