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Ser heatless regeneration compressed air dryer

2020-09-30 15:44:36
Ser heatless regeneration compressed air dryer

working principle:

Ser heatless regeneration dryer is a kind of equipment for drying compressed air according to the principle of pressure swing adsorption. It can absorb water in compressed air under pressure, so that the compressed air can wait for drying. When decompression, part of dry compressed air is used to purge the adsorbent, so that the adsorbent can be regenerated. The two towers are alternately used to obtain dry compressed air. According to the different atmospheric dew point of compressed air, different adsorbents are selected. The commonly used adsorbents are activated alumina, molecular sieve, etc.

Product features:

Set up automatic charging and equalizing process steps to reduce the impact of air flow on adsorbent.

It is easy to change desiccant in flange filling port and discharge port.

The scientific design of flow rate and the selection of high-quality adsorbent ensure the stability of dew point of finished gas.

The special gas distributor ensures the uniform distribution of air flow, fully contacts the compressed air and adsorbent, and prevents the "dead angle" and "tunnel effect" of adsorption.

It adopts Siemens PLC program controller, LCD display, humanized design, touch button, and can adjust the working regeneration time according to the working conditions.

Drying and regeneration status display.

Control the gas source from the dry air at the outlet of the adsorption tower to avoid oil and water pollution, control the valve and gas path, and prevent valve rust and gas path blockage.

High quality control components to ensure long-term and reliable operation of equipment.

High quality pneumatic valve can be opened and closed quickly with high efficiency and durability.

Technical parameter table:

Working pressure: 0.6 ~ 1.0MPa (1.0 ~ 3.0MPa can be provided according to user's requirements)

Intake air temperature: ≤ 45C

Pressure drop ≤ 0.023mpa

Atmospheric dew point of product gas: - 40 ° (alumina), - 60C (molecular sieve)

Regeneration gas consumption: ≤ 12% working power supply: AC220V / 50Hz

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