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SGM precision filter

2020-09-30 15:29:23
SGM precision filter

Product introduction:

This series of products mainly remove oil, water and dust in compressed air. This series of products have the characteristics of small volume, high efficiency, easy to use and small pressure difference. The filtration accuracy can be divided into three levels: C, t and a. Class C filtration accuracy ≤ 3 μ m, remove 99.9% free oil and water; T level filtration accuracy ≤ 1 μ m, remove 99.99% free oil and water; A-level filtering accuracy ≤ 0.01 μ m, remove 99.999% free oil and water, so as to effectively purify the gas.

technical parameter:

Working pressure: 0.6 ~ 1.0MPa (1.0 ~ 4.0Mpa can be provided as required)

Intake air temperature: ≤ 45 ° C

Resistance drop: ≤ 0.015MPa

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