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Sro-y medical pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator

2020-10-31 13:18:49
Sro-y medical pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator

                                                                Product description

Shenger medical molecular sieve oxygen production equipment is a new equipment which uses advanced pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology to extract oxygen from the air. Using air as raw material and zeolite molecular sieve as adsorbent, the selective adsorption of oxygen and nitrogen on zeolite molecular sieve at room temperature and low pressure is utilized. The adsorption capacity increases with the increase of adsorption pressure and decreases with the decrease of adsorption pressure. Nitrogen is adsorbed under pressure to enrich oxygen. Nitrogen is desorbed under reduced pressure. At the same time, molecular sieve is regenerated and recycled alternately to separate oxygen. The specific working process is that the compressed air enters the adsorption tower through the switch valve after being purified by the air purification dryer. In the adsorption tower, nitrogen is adsorbed by molecular sieve, and oxygen is accumulated at the top of the adsorption tower and then enters the oxygen storage tank. After removing odor, dust and bacteria, qualified medical oxygen is obtained. The whole process of oxygen production is a physical adsorption process without chemical reaction and environmental pollution.

Main technical indicators

Oxygen flow: 1 ~ 60NM / h

Oxygen concentration: 93 ± 2%

Oxygen pressure: 0.3 ~ 1.0MPa (adjustable)

Dew point: ≤ - 48c

Product features

Compressed air is equipped with air purification and drying equipment. Clean air is beneficial to prolong the service life of molecular sieve.

The new process of oxygen production and new molecular sieves are used to optimize the design of the plant continuously to reduce energy consumption and capital investment.

The structure of the equipment is compact and the floor area is reduced.

The equipment is convenient to start and stop, and adopts pl_ C control, can realize automatic operation, safe and reliable.

The oxygen yield and purity can be adjusted in an appropriate range.

The oxygen production and purity required by the design can be achieved within 30 minutes after starting up. The convenience and speed of oxygen production are incomparable with other oxygen production methods.

Sro-y medical pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator

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