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SRO energy saving PSA oxygen generator

2020-09-17 13:36:09
SRO energy saving PSA oxygen generator

Product Description:

Nitrogen and oxygen are the main components in the air, so adsorbents with different adsorption selectivity for nitrogen and oxygen can be selected, and the appropriate process is designed to separate nitrogen and oxygen into oxygen. Both nitrogen and oxygen have quadrupole moments, but the quadrupole moment of nitrogen is much larger than that of oxygen, so the adsorption capacity of nitrogen on zeolite molecular sieve is stronger than that of oxygen (the force between nitrogen and surface ions of molecular sieve is stronger, as shown in Fig. 1). Therefore, when air passes through the adsorption bed with zeolite adsorbent under pressure, nitrogen is adsorbed by molecular sieve, and oxygen is enriched in the gas phase and flows out of the adsorption bed to separate oxygen from nitrogen to obtain oxygen. When the nitrogen adsorbed on the molecular sieve is nearly saturated, the air supply is stopped and the pressure of the adsorption bed is reduced. The nitrogen adsorbed by the molecular sieve can be desorbed, and the molecular sieve can be regenerated and reused. If more than two adsorption beds are switched in turn, oxygen can be produced continuously.

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