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Air handling part of daily maintenance of nitrogen production equipment

2021-08-09 09:07:29

1、 Air compressor: 1. Blow down the air storage tank once a day; 2. Frequently check whether the three-phase current is balanced, and strictly prevent phase loss operation and damage to the motor. During the normal operation of the air compressor, do not disconnect the power supply at will. In case of power failure or power failure for other reasons, all the compressed air in the air storage tank shall be discharged. If any abnormal sound is found during the operation of the air compressor, it shall be shut down immediately for inspection. Check the filter silencer every month (about 200 hours) and replace it in case of serious dirt. 6. Do a triangle check (about 200 hours). 7. Check whether the fasteners (bolts and nuts) are loose every month (about 200 hours). Add oil to the bearing every year (about 2400 hours), and replenish it in time in case of grease leakage..

Air storage tank: sewage shall be discharged once every day during shift handover. In rainy days or when the air is wet, the number of sewage shall be increased.

Shenger gas products are divided into 10 categories: various gas purification units, PSA nitrogen generation units, PSA oxygen generation units, VPSA oxygen generators, waste heat regeneration air dryers, heatless regeneration dryers, micro heat regeneration dryers, frozen dryers, combined dryers, cryogenic air separation units, etc. The products are widely used in metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, petroleum, electronics, biology, pharmacy, chemical fiber, food, rubber and other industries.

Zhejiang Shenger gas equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is such an enterprise. It specializes in customizing suitable nitrogen making machines, industrial oxygen making machines, adsorption dryers and other products for customers. The company has strong R & D strength. The company's purpose is to "pay attention to quality, abide by integrity and seek development". The company's products have excellent production technology and are highly praised by new and old customers Dryer is Shenger gas, your trusted enterprise!

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