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Maintenance specification for nitrogen generator

2021-08-09 09:01:36

1. Normal supply, opening and closing of power supply, air source and temperature conditions; In particular, the power supply voltage is stable to eliminate the damage to the controller and solenoid valve caused by power supply problems. 2. Pay attention to the pressure in the air tank at any time. The pressure of the air tank shall be kept between 0.7 ~ 0.75 MPa and shall not be lower than the rated value. 3. Check the active drain once a day to avoid blocking and losing the drainage function. In case of blockage, you can gently open the manual valve, close the self discharge valve, and then remove the active drain for cleaning. When cleaning the active drain, wash it with pancreatic foam. It is forbidden to use corrosive solutions such as gasoline, toluene and rosin.

4. The operator shall regularly observe the three pressure gauges in the machine and make the same ordinary records of their pressure changes for setting equipment deployment and analysis, check the flowmeter and nitrogen purity environment at any time, and connect the nitrogen purity of the gas. 5. Regularly check whether the heat sink of the cold dryer is clean every week, so as not to affect the compliance and service life of the dryer due to poor heat dissipation.

Shenger gas products are divided into 10 categories: various gas purification units, PSA nitrogen generation units, PSA oxygen generation units, VPSA oxygen generators, waste heat regeneration air dryers, heatless regeneration dryers, micro heat regeneration dryers, frozen dryers, combined dryers, cryogenic air separation units, etc. The products are widely used in metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, petroleum, electronics, biology, pharmacy, chemical fiber, food, rubber and other industries.

Zhejiang Shenger gas equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is such an enterprise. It specializes in customizing suitable nitrogen making machines, industrial oxygen making machines, adsorption dryers and other products for customers. The company has strong R & D strength. The company's purpose is to "pay attention to quality, abide by integrity and seek development". The company's products have excellent production technology and are highly praised by new and old customers Dryer is Shenger gas, your trusted enterprise!

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