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Which is better? Deoxidizer PK nitrogen generator

2021-07-31 08:45:30

The fan with pressure lower than 24 kPa is used for circulating deaeration, and then the vacuum pump is used for analytical activation. This oxygen reduction technology is often mistaken for VSA nitrogen generator. Both VSA nitrogen generator and VSA nitrogen generator adopt vacuum analysis method, but the deoxidizer adopts a fan with low pressure and low power consumption, and the gas taking mode is different from that of VSA nitrogen generator. The latter adopts an open gas taking device, while the deoxidizer adopts a higher semi closed gas taking mode. Therefore, the deoxidizer is not equal to VSA nitrogen generator.

The nitrogen generator which is widely used now is a membrane nitrogen system with nitrogen and oxygen separation at room temperature. It includes air compressor and membrane separator. When the compressed air enters the membrane separator through the filter, the water vapor, CO2 and O2 in the air are quickly enriched and drained to the other side of the membrane through the membrane wall; The relative rate of nitrogen passing through the membrane wall is slow and remains in the membrane. The enriched nitrogen is sent to the place of use as product gas.

Energy saving and efficient equipment application market is more in line with future development. The ratio of oxygen reduction by deoxidizer and nitrogen generator in domestic controlled atmosphere storage is about 1:1. The membrane nitrogen production system has the advantages of few components, simple production and low cost. Compared with PSA nitrogen production, it does not need large air tank and nitrogen tank. It has the advantages of fast gas production speed, small volume, less occupied space, light weight and easy to move. Moreover, the equipment form can be designed into box type and container type according to the user's use situation. Its advantages make the membrane nitrogen system have a broad application market, especially suitable for micro controlled atmosphere warehouse, controlled atmosphere container, controlled atmosphere truck, laboratory, etc.

Compared with the application market of nitrogen equipment, deoxidizer is more suitable for large-scale controlled atmosphere storage with more than 500 tons. Since 2000, Deoxidizer has been widely used in CA depots in Europe and America, and membrane nitrogen generator, PSA and VSA nitrogen generator have gradually replaced large-scale CA depots. One of the reasons is that considering from the aspects of energy saving and energy saving, from the perspective of principle and process, the deoxidizer is better than the nitrogen generator in terms of energy consumption and energy efficiency, which is more in line with the future development trend.

LV Weicheng, an expert in air conditioning and preservation technology, explained, "the nitrogen generator adopts open gas extraction, the gas outlet is high pressure, and the gas source temperature has heating requirements. Therefore, from heating gas to cooling gas to the required temperature of fruits in the warehouse, the whole process not only wastes energy, but also stimulates the respiration of fruits and vegetables, resulting in poor preservation effect. Deoxidation is a closed-circuit circulation. The gas outlet is low pressure. The gas source does not need temperature. There is only an adsorption conversion process, which can effectively ensure the stability of gas regulated storage temperature. When the nitrogen purity exceeds 95%, the efficiency of the nitrogen generator will become lower and lower, and the flow will become very small. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the purity and flow, and there are some limitations on the oxygen reduction effect of the nitrogen generator. In addition, membrane, an important part of membrane nitrogen system, has strict requirements for early purification and filtration due to fear of pollution, which is directly related to the service life of membrane group. If there is a problem with filtration and purification, the membrane group needs to be replaced, and the maintenance cost is high.

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