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Nitrogen generator manufacturers talk about matters needing attention when starting up nitrogen generator for the first time

2021-07-23 10:27:39

1. check the valve of the system (open). In the closing direction, the outlet throttle of air compressor is normally open, the inlet section of nitrogen producer is closed, and the inlet valve of supercharger is closed, and the time-making valve of nitrogen storage tank is closed.

2. the system is powered on

3. first turn on the nitrogen generator, and after the appearance value appears, set the temperature value on the thermometer to 0.6, and the purity is 40 ℃.

4. turn on the cold dryer and make it work for 1-2 minutes. Check that the evaporation meter cannot be zero.

5. open the air compressor to make the pressure in the air tank above 1 and 1 MPa, and open the nitrogen making machine inlet section door.

6. adjust the sampling flowmeter of nitrogen generator to 1.5 pendulum.

7. open the inlet valve of the feeder, open the two upper sections of the feeder, place the water column at 50 mm, close the throttle, open the drain valve, and then open the nitrogen storage tank to enter the time order valve.

8. when the nitrogen lamp on the nitrogen machine is on (the actual value on purity is lower than the set value), turn on the supercharger.

9. when the supercharger injects nitrogen into the nitrogen storage tank, the pressurizer stops itself, and then sets the temperature of the temperature gauge on the nitrogen generator to below 0 ℃, and the inlet throttle of the nitrogen generator will be closed.

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