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The technical principle of nitrogen extraction by nitrogen generator.

2021-07-17 10:06:04

Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology of nitrogen generator is a kind of gas separation technology. Its main principle is: due to the different diffusion speed of oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the air on the surface of carbon molecular sieve, oxygen molecules with smaller diameter have faster diffusion speed, more solid phases (micropores) enter into the molecular sieve, and nitrogen molecules with larger diameter have slower diffusion speed, The solid phase (micropore) entering the molecular sieve is small, so abundant nitrogen can be obtained in the gas phase; In the case of adsorption equilibrium, the higher the air pressure is, the higher the adsorption rate is; On the contrary, the lower the pressure, the smaller the adsorption rate. PSA air separation nitrogen generator put into industrial operation is generally composed of two or more adsorbers. Each adsorber can continuously produce nitrogen and improve nitrogen recovery speed by optimizing vertical and alternate circulation.

After purifying and drying compressed air, nitrogen generator uses carbon molecular sieve to select and adsorb oxygen and nitrogen in compressed air. Using kinetic effect, oxygen diffusion rate in carbon molecular sieve micropores is greater than nitrogen. When the adsorption is not balanced, nitrogen accumulates in the gas to form finished nitrogen, and then regenerates by decompressing to atmospheric pressure and desorbing oxygen and other impurities. Generally, there are two adsorption towers in the system, one for adsorption and nitrogen generation, and the other for desorption and regeneration. PLC program is used to control the opening and closing of pneumatic valve, so that the two towers can cycle alternately to achieve continuous production of high-quality nitrogen, or indirect production, with fast start-up and adjustment. The main gas source of nitrogen plant is compressed air, which can continuously produce high-quality and high-purity nitrogen without special control. The operation is stable and reliable, and the cost is low, which is many times lower than the cost of purchasing cylinder nitrogen or liquid nitrogen.

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