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The problem of nitrogen generator purity decline.

2021-07-17 10:03:09

Nitrogen manufacturing machine is a nitrogen equipment designed and manufactured according to PSA technology. The nitrogen manufacturing machine uses professional imported carbon molecular sieve (CMS) as adsorbent, and uses PSA principle at room temperature to separate air to produce high purity nitrogen. Usually, two adsorption towers are connected in parallel, the imported PLC controls the automatic operation of the imported pneumatic valve, alternately pressurizes the adsorption decompression regeneration, completes the nitrogen and oxygen separation, and obtains the required high purity nitrogen. Today, we will discuss the problem of nitrogen generator purity decline

1、 Too high flow rate: if the original customized purity and flow rate of nitrogen generator are increased, the purity will decrease, and if the flow rate is low, the purity will also increase. It is suggested that the flow rate should not be adjusted by itself, which requires the instruction of professional personnel.

2、 Expired carbon molecular sieve: if the nitrogen generator is used for a long time, the quality of carbon molecular sieve will be poor and the purity of nitrogen production will be low. It is necessary to replace carbon molecular sieve to restore the purity.

3、 Solenoid valve failure --- solenoid valve is the main factor to control the adsorption principle. The failure of solenoid valve will lead to insufficient gas production and decrease of purity.

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