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Market demand for nitrogen generator performance.

2021-07-03 13:56:28

Manufacturers of air separation equipment for a large number of nitrogen generators will also follow the development rules of this shopping center. However, the terminal won more nitrogen machine companies to win the foundation's website. The development of shopping center of nitrogen machine company should abide by the rules. From a scientific point of view, there is no disorderly development of shopping malls. Research shows that 4% of new products are already on the market because they are the wrong outlet. Some enterprises ignore their strength and play games blindly. There are also companies that look at it from a scientific perspective. After all, the shopping they develop is not from the company's market strategy, nor from the mall, but from the crash, which to play. Especially in the new listing, companies can shop, which is a real failure. In the shopping center is blank, its choice is particularly important.

At present, the domestic market mainly chooses low-carbon molecular sieve, and the annual demand is more than 2000 tons. With the continuous development of China's economy and the expansion of industry, especially industrial planning, the demand for carbon molecular sieve will increase year by year. Especially in recent years, the country attaches great importance to the safety of coal mines, the nitrogen generator of coal mine equipment, and further expand the requirements of domestic carbon molecular sieve. According to the survey, since 2000, the average annual growth rate has exceeded 80%. The domestic market prospect is very broad. With more and more complex PSA technology, the application field of nitrogen generator is more and more extensive, and the demand for carbon molecular sieve is also increasing. It requires Europe and the United States and other developed countries to grow steadily in the past few years, and the domestic demand changes rapidly. With the annual growth index and preservation measures, the total demand for carbon molecular sieve is more than 100 million tons. According to the analysis of experts at home and abroad, the development trend of carbon molecular sieve is as follows:

With the expansion of a series of PSA nitrogen generators, the demand for carbon molecular sieves is increasing, which further promotes the career development. In the next few years, the unobtrusive career will become a well-known career.

Secondly, according to the improvement of depth, the requirements of carbon molecular sieve nitrogen production, nitrogen recovery rate, bulk density and compressive strength are higher and higher, so as to further improve the performance target of the commodity and make the industry return to normal. Therefore, reducing costs is an important condition to promote the development of the industry. In the future, due to the main elements of carbon molecular sieve PSA nitrogen production equipment, the cost of the whole equipment accounts for more than 70%. Reducing the cost will be an important condition to promote the development of the industry. In the future, the company will continue to explore the choice of new materials and new technologies, and strive to reach a high level with low cost. Nitrogen machine maintenance nitrogen machine maintenance is suitable for nitrogen, mainly because of its high cohesive energy, as long as at high temperature and high pressure (> 500 ℃, > 100bar) or increase energy, it will attack the chemical reaction, this is the nitrogen that needs to be produced at present.

Zhejiang Shenger gas equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is such an enterprise, specializing in customizing suitable nitrogen generator, industrial oxygen generator, adsorption dryer and other products for customers. The company has strong R & D strength, and the company's purpose is "quality, integrity and development". The company's products have excellent production technology and are highly praised by the majority of new and old customers Dryer is Shenger gas, your trustworthy enterprise!

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