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Development trend of nitrogen generator

2021-07-03 00:00:00

Based on the diffusion and adsorption principle of carbon molecular sieve, the air is compressed to 0.7 ~ 0.8 MPa, and then enters the pressure swing adsorber for oxygen and nitrogen separation. When compressed air enters the adsorbent (carbon molecular sieve), because the diffusion speed of oxygen is faster than that of nitrogen, oxygen * * enters into the carbon molecular sieve, and nitrogen stays on the surface of carbon molecular sieve, so carbon molecular sieve has a certain adsorption capacity for oxygen. The nitrogen not diffused and adsorbed in the carbon molecular sieve is discharged from the outlet of the adsorber. During depressurization, the oxygen absorbed in the carbon molecular sieve is discharged and the adsorbent is regenerated. Nitrogen equipment designed and manufactured according to PSA technology.

The nitrogen generator uses professional imported carbon molecular sieve (CMS) as adsorbent, and uses PSA to separate air to produce high purity nitrogen. Generally, two adsorption towers are connected in parallel, and the imported PLC controls the automatic operation of the pneumatic valve at the inlet. The pressurized adsorption and decompression regeneration are carried out alternately to complete the separation of nitrogen and oxygen and obtain the required high-purity nitrogen. Oxygen dissolved in liquids and oils causes them to precipitate. The oxygen in this kind of liquid can make its taste worse and life shorter. A method called mixing (mixing gas through a sprayer to agitator liquid) is adopted. During the treatment, gaseous nitrogen is introduced into the liquid, and these bubbles remove oxygen to prevent oxidation, decay and discoloration of carbonate free beverages (juice, tea and milk) and edible oils (peanut, olive, sunflower and rapeseed oil).

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