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How to maintain PSA nitrogen machine?

2021-06-25 14:37:56

With the development of industry and commerce, the production of enterprises is increasing. PSA nitrogen generator is actually a pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator, only in Chinese and English. In fact, PSA nitrogen generator is still easy to see in our lives. Food nitrogen packaging, drug production and storage, packaging, packaging, electronic components production and other fields have different applications. For enterprises, a PSA nitrogen generator also costs a lot of money, so it is necessary to use regular maintenance for a long time.

The secondary air filtration process of nitrogen generator equipment passes through the second filter cotton fiber network. The stainless steel mesh of cotton fiber rope supports eddy current. When the vortex center of tornado is in the same vacuum state, the direction of air flow and rotation of cotton fiber rope or adjacent air changes. Therefore, in the monotonous filter list, the air filter does not remove the water droplets as a pair of gas generators, without any adverse effects, removing impurities.

A monotone filter (stainless steel mesh) that gathers or lists air in the head element to promote the direction of water and air changes. This change makes the individual droplets coalesce on the condenser. The droplets gradually increase, and the gravity effect of the large dust and other storage rooms with water in the center is formed. Rich sewage along the bottom of the activity, many of the water (about 95 percent of the water) that is cleaned by the active drain valve drains the pool through the discharge process.

Based on the monotonic filter principle, it can get the impurity free, the oil drop and liquid drop tight gas clean and monotonous, the nitrogen machine equipment maintenance machinery and prevent the freezing injury. To establish the correct maintenance concept, excellent operation habits and punctuality maintenance and protection can extend the normal service life of equipment and reduce energy consumption, reduce repair cost, and prevent sudden failure, and greatly reduce maintenance cost, and can be used to prevent failure.

1.Precautions for normal use and maintenance: 1. The operator shall observe the three pressure gauges on the machine, make a normal record of the pressure change in case of equipment failure analysis, investigate the purity of flowmeter and nitrogen at any time, and investigate the nitrogen purity of the gas at any time. Check whether the cooling fins of the cold dryer are clean every week to avoid the effect and life of the dryer due to poor heat dissipation. 

2. The power supply, air source, temperature condition and normal opening and closing of the machine are required; Especially, the power supply voltage is stable, reducing the damage of the controller and solenoid valve caused by power failure.

3. Pay attention to the pressure of air storage tank at any time, and insist that the pressure of air storage tank is between 0.7-0.75 MPa, and it shall not be lower than the rated value. Check the active drain every day to avoid blocking and losing the drainage effect. If it is blocked, open the manual valve slightly, close the self draining valve, remove the movable drain and disassemble the cleaning. When cleaning the movable drain, clean with soap foam. It is forbidden to use corrosive solutions such as gasoline, toluene, spices, etc.

 Regular maintenance (punctual maintenance, generally machine repair) 

1. Regular maintenance of air-cooled dry machine is mainly to purge radiator and clean the drain outlet on time; Carefully check the operation and protection operation instructions of the cold dryer, and strictly follow the circulating protection measures of the cold dryer to protect the cold dry machine. 

2. The regular protection of precision filter mainly changes the filter element in time according to the use of the filter. If the pressure difference of filter is too large, replace the filter element in time. The screen can be protected by referring to the protective methods and methods recommended by the filter screen manufacturer. It is recommended to replace every 4000 hours of work.

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