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What are the faults of PSA oxygen generator?

2021-06-25 14:35:29

PSA oxygen generator is controlled by PLC, which can realize automatic operation, convenient maintenance, stable performance and low failure rate. Gas production and purity can be adjusted in a proper range. Continuous optimization of process design, combined with the selection of new molecular sieves, may greatly reduce energy consumption and capital investment. It is one of the new equipment developed by our company and has achieved good results. PSA oxygen generator will encounter the following faults in use:

1. The purity of oxygen is only 50% - 70%. Solution: 

① before the start of the equipment, the purity of the gas tank is low. After the previous shutdown, the pressure of gas storage tank and pipeline is low, so it should be restarted. 

② During the operation, the power was cut off and the impure oxygen entered the tank. 

③ If the air inlet is not proper, determine whether the pipe is sunken and the range of the air inlet pressure controller.

2. The filter drain valve cannot be opened and cannot be discharged. Solution: 

① the manual discharge button is invalid and must be replaced. 

② There is something wrong with the PC board and it must be replaced. 

③ Loose wire to valve, check or replace.

④ The coil of the valve is invalid and must be replaced. 

⑤ If the valve body is stuck on the oxygen generator, the drain valve can be replaced.

3. The solenoid valve makes noise during operation. Solution: 

① when the voltage is low, the voltage can be detected and adjusted. 

② CC board output low voltage, PC board can be replaced. 

③ The valve is dirty. Please clean the inside of the valve or replace it. 

④ The valve core is worn and needs to be replaced.

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