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Energy saving mechanism of oxygen enriched local combustion supporting

2021-06-19 09:17:01

Using oxygen enriched combustion technology can reduce nitrogen, air and flue gas emissions. The results show that the flame temperature increases obviously with the increase of oxygen content in the air, but it should not be too high. Through the research at home and abroad, it is found that 26% ~ 30% oxygen concentration, 26% ~ 30% oxygen concentration, 35 ℃ flame temperature, 28% oxygen concentration and 50 ℃ furnace temperature can effectively improve the combustion efficiency. When the oxygen fraction is more than 30%, the flame temperature increases slightly, while the oxygen consumption of oxygen generation equipment increases sharply;

For example, pure oxygen and hydrogen burn 2-4 times faster than air, while natural gas burns about 10.2 times faster than air. Oxygen enriched combustion technology can not only improve the combustion speed and obtain good heat conduction, but also promote the combustion reaction, promote the complete combustion and fundamentally eliminate pollution;

The results show that the combustion temperature is about 388 ℃ in air, and the combustion energy is only equivalent to 609 ℃ in oxygen enriched environment;

In the combustion process, the role of air is to support combustion, while the role of nitrogen is 4 / 5. Burning a large amount of heat energy, such as using oxygen rich gas to support combustion, can reduce emissions after combustion and improve combustion efficiency;

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