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What problems should be paid attention to in the safe use of nitrogen generator?

2021-06-04 16:37:57

In the process of industrial production, nitrogen generator plays an important role in various industries, but when installing nitrogen generator, we need to pay attention to some safety problems, which can help us use it safely in the future, but also can avoid many problems.

First of all, in the installation process of nitrogen generator, we must pay attention to the installation environment of nitrogen generator. Install the nitrogen generator on a relatively stable ground to keep the surrounding environment clean and tidy.

Second, before using the nitrogen generator, it is necessary to check whether there are impurities in the nitrogen generator and whether all kinds of mechanical equipment are normal. After confirming that it is normal, start the operation again.

Third, it is necessary to open and protect the safety equipment of nitrogen generator to ensure the normal operation of safety facilities.

Fourth, when maintaining the nitrogen generator, pay attention to cut off the power supply and valve of the nitrogen generator, and carry out maintenance when the nitrogen generator is not working.

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