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What are the design features of nitrogen making machinery.

2021-06-04 16:36:47

What are the characteristics of the nitrogen generator in design?

Nitrogen generator is widely used in electronic industry, heat treatment, food industry, coal industry, chemical industry, oil and natural gas industry, pharmaceutical industry, cable industry, metallurgy industry, rubber industry, cosmology industry, etc. Below, what are the characteristics of the nitrogen generator in design?

1. The technology of molecular sieve filling and pressing device are used to avoid the phenomenon of pulverization caused by the impact of high-speed flow of air flow and impact on molecular sieve, which improves the reliability of the system for a long time.

2. Scientific and reasonable process and equipment configuration, compact equipment structure, small area of external equipment, stable.

3. Air pretreatment equipment, filters at all levels have differential pressure indication and automatic discharge system.

4. The equipment is connected and disassembled by standard components, and it is easy to install and maintain.

5. The imported control valve with high reliability has long life and can meet the long-term and stable operation demand of the equipment.

6. The automation degree is high. The microcomputer automatic program control system developed by our company can automatically operate the equipment, and the purity, pressure and flow of nitrogen can be adjusted according to the needs. rise.

7. The equipment adopts aviation aluminum profile, which is more suitable for the high precision of food, medicine industry or air source.


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