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Nitrogen generator maintenance nitrogen generator maintenance manufacturer

2021-05-14 15:29:44

Nitrogen generator is a kind of energy-saving, convenient and fast gas equipment for enterprises with large demand to produce high-purity nitrogen on site. It is widely used in many fields, such as oil and gas, rubber tire, coal mine, metal, paper, glass, medicine, etc, The adsorption capacity of carbon molecular sieve in nitrogen generator decreases, and the lack of purity of nitrogen generator affects the normal production. Ruiqi provides many nitrogen generator users with the use and maintenance skills of nitrogen generator.

The main purpose of nitrogen generator maintenance is to prevent faults, not to eliminate them. Maintenance is much lower than maintenance cost. Maintenance can avoid irregular failure, and avoid the impact of failure on production. Maintenance can ensure energy efficiency. Maintenance can extend the normal service life of the equipment. Its comprehensive benefit is that most users greatly reduce the production cost.

The air compressor should be maintained regularly, the air filter, oil filter and engine oil should be changed according to the instructions. The cold dryer should check the pressure of cold medium regularly to supplement in time. The dust on the heat sink should be blown clean with compressed air every day. The filter element should be replaced regularly. The normal pressure is 8000 h, depending on the specific situation and the pressure difference. Open the drain outlet of the air tank once a day to discharge the condensate in the air. Check the automatic drainer every day to avoid blockage and loss of drainage function. In case of blockage, slightly open the manual valve, close the self draining valve, and then remove the automatic drainer for disassembly and cleaning. When cleaning the automatic drainer, wash it with soapy water. The nitrogen generator mainly checks whether the working pressure, purity and flow rate of the adsorption tower are normal. 6. The activated carbon in the activated carbon filter is generally recommended to be replaced once a year. 7. When black smoke appears on the muffler, it means that the molecular sieve is powdered. Stop immediately and repair immediately. 8. The nitrogen analyzer should be calibrated once a year. 9. Check the sensitivity of pneumatic valve and solenoid valve. The abrasion of pneumatic valve affects the purity of nitrogen, which is consumable. 10. The safety valve is calibrated in the boiler inspection station every year

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