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Key points of PSA nitrogen generator technology

2021-05-08 09:50:40

The device of separating oxygen from air by physical method to obtain nitrogen is called nitrogen generator. The nitrogen generator is mainly divided into three kinds, namely cryogenic air separation, molecular sieve air separation (PSA) and membrane air separation. Today, molecular sieve nitrogen generator manufacturer Co., Ltd. introduced to you the key points of pressure swing nitrogen generator technology. The first is the selectivity and adsorption capacity of adsorbent. Southwest Planning Institute of chemical industry has thoroughly mastered the process principle and manufacturing technology of adsorbent. The adsorption capacity and selectivity of adsorbent are compatible with foreign Linde company, and the cost is low. The industrial production of large-scale planning has ended, and it is applied to the application of large-scale oxygen enriched equipment. The second is the reliability of special valves, because the valves used in PSA equipment are repeatedly opened and closed, and the sealing requirements are high, so the general valves are difficult to meet the application requirements.

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