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Three major faults of nitrogen generator

2021-05-08 09:48:44

The internal gas of nitrogen generator enters the polymer membrane filter device after the compressor is reduced and filtered. Because of the different solubility and diffusion coefficient of various gases in the membrane, different gases depend on different permeation speed in the membrane. According to this characteristic, various gases can be divided into fast gas and slow gas. When the mixture is under the action of pressure difference on both sides of the membrane, the permeation speed depends on the fast gas, such as water, hydrogen, helium, hydrogen sulfide, CO2, etc. After penetrating the membrane, they are enriched on the permeation side of the membrane, and the penetration rate depends on slow gases, such as methane, hydrogen, carbon monoxide and argon, so as to achieve the purpose of separation of mixed gases.

The main components of nitrogen generator are: 

1. Air compressor unit: an air compressor driven by an engine or motor, including a field control system. 

2. membrane separation nitrogen generator: air purification treatment system, membrane separation nitrogen generator and central control system. 

3. booster unit: supercharger driven by engine or motor, including field control system. Annex 

4. Auxiliary device: generator, fuel tank, container / skid body to meet the needs of other oil and gas production processes, such as foam pump.

Three troubleshooting instructions of nitrogen generator: 

1. Process indicator does not flash / step indicates abnormal. Cause analysis: the display lamp is damaged or the connection is incorrect; PLC failure. Processing: connect or replace the display lamp; Connect or replace the display light; If there is any problem, explain to the manufacturer immediately. 

2. the pressure of the left suction tank cannot rise to the standard value during the left suction. Analysis: pilot gas pressure is not set; The solenoid valve of the left suction control is damaged; The left suction valve is not open. Treatment process: the pilot pressure is set to 1 / 2 of the air pressure; Repair or replace the solenoid valve; Check the pipes; If there is a problem, repair or replace. 

3. the water pressure of the left and right suction tanks cannot be balanced during the pressure equalization. Analysis: the control equalizing solenoid valve is damaged; The upper and lower equalizing valve is not opened; The upper and lower equalizing valve is not opened; Repair or replace the solenoid valve; Check the equalizing valve; Repair or replace in case of any fault; Repair or replace if there is a problem.

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