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Brief introduction of working principle of nitrogen generator

2021-05-07 14:56:05

The device of separating oxygen from air by physical method to get nitrogen is called nitrogen generator. The nitrogen generator is mainly divided into cryogenic air separation, molecular sieve air separation (PSA) and membrane air separation. Nitrogen and hydrogen with a certain flow rate and purity enter the equipment together. After fully mixing in the mixer, they enter the deaeration equipment equipped with palladium catalyst. Under the effect of deoxidation catalyst, the chemical reaction of 2h2 + O2 = 2H2O occurs to achieve the purpose of deoxidation. After deoxidation, the water in the nitrogen is dehydrated through the cooler, and the nitrogen continues to enter the monotone, and the nitrogen dew point reaches about - 60 ℃. The monotone is equipped with two sets, during which the monotone adsorbs, and the monotone adsorbs, and the monotone regenerates, so as to prepare for the next adsorption cycle. High purity nitrogen is finally obtained through the dust removal through the filter. The performance index and product quality of gas generator are different. The following is the structure, characteristics and simple analysis of the three kinds of gas generator (air generator) commonly used in the market: air generator, air generator, air generator and air generator.

According to the principle of nitrogen production, nitrogen generator is divided into hollow fiber membrane separation, pressure swing adsorption and electrochemical separation. First, the purity of nitrogen directly produced by hollow fiber membrane separation method is generally about 99%, the planned flow rate is 0-10 L / min, and the market price is between tens of thousands and 100000. The second PSA has a wide flow planning, the purity is generally 99%, and the market price is about 100000. 3、 5 L / min, the oxygen content can be controlled within a few ppm, and the adsorbent efficiency can reach - 55 ℃ according to the gas dew point.

Price of nitrogen generator

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