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What are the functions of cold dryer in nitrogen making system

2021-04-26 10:05:00

Nitrogen production equipment is composed of many small and medium-sized equipment, which are very important, and each part has its own significance. For example, some people don't think it's necessary to install the cold dryer, but experts think it's very helpful for the manufacture of nitrogen.

1、 Screening molecules

Using the cold dryer, the water molecules in the equipment can be screened to ensure the high concentration of nitrogen. On the contrary, if the concentration is not high, the help for storage and production is not as good as expected.

2、 Guarantee working ability

Through the use of cold dryer, the working effect of nitriding chamber is better than before. Under the same conditions, more nitrogen can be obtained without other impurities and with higher purity. From another point of view, it can extend the service life of the equipment and is not easy to aging.

The role of the dryer is still large, so it must be installed in the nitrogen machine. Using it, there is no requirement for the working temperature, and it can be in the normal range.

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