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What are the application scope of PSA nitrogen generator?

2021-03-08 10:26:05

1. Applications in crystalline silicon industry: air protection, cleaning and chemical recovery in semiconductor and integrated circuit manufacturing process.

2. Application in chemical industry and new material industry: nitrogen is used in chemical process to create oxygen free atmosphere, improve the safety of production process, power source for fluid transportation, etc.

3. Petroleum: it can be used for nitrogen purging of pipelines and containers in the system, nitrogen filling, replacement and leakage detection of storage tanks, protection of combustible gas, and diesel hydrogenation and catalytic reforming.

4. Powder metallurgy, metal processing, heat treatment industry applications: steel, iron, copper, aluminum products annealing, carbonization, high temperature furnace protection, low temperature assembly of metal parts, plasma cutting, etc.

5. Industrial application in food and pharmaceutical industry: mainly used for food packaging, food preservation, food storage, food drying and sterilization, drug packaging, drug ventilation, drug transportation, etc.

PSA nitrogen machine

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