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Principle of PSA oxygen generator

2021-02-25 10:01:50

PSA method is used for adsorption under high pressure to realize gas separation and regeneration of adsorbent under low pressure. The method is based on the selective adsorption of oxygen and nitrogen in the air by molecular sieves, and realizes the separation of oxygen in the air. After the gas is compressed, it passes through the adsorption tower with molecular sieve. Nitrogen molecules are first adsorbed, while oxygen molecules stay in the gas phase to form oxygen. When the adsorption reached equilibrium, the nitrogen molecules adsorbed on the surface of zeolite were removed by decompression or vacuumization to restore the adsorption capacity of zeolite. In order to keep the oxygen supply going on, the device is usually equipped with two or more adsorption towers, one of which produces oxygen by adsorption and the other by desorption.

This method can produce oxygen with purity of 80% ~ 95%, power consumption of oxygen production is generally 0.32 kwh / Nm3 ~ 0.37 kwh / Nm3, adsorption pressure is greater than atmospheric pressure, generally 30 kPa ~ 100 kPa, simple process, working at room temperature, high degree of automation, unmanned operation and good safety performance. The equipment has low operating pressure, and the pressure vessel is not controlled by the pressure vessel specification. The PSA process can be divided into single tower, double tower, three tower and five tower according to the number of adsorbers. PSA generally adopts five tower process, that is, five adsorption beds, four blowers and two vacuum pumps are used, and two adsorption beds and two vacuum pumps are kept in the whole cycle, which solves the technical problem of mass oxygen production.

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