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Precautions for using cold dryer

2021-02-20 13:19:40

1. Do not place in the sun, rain, wind or relative humidity greater than 85%. Do not place in dusty, corrosive or combustible gas environment. Don't put it in the place where there is vibration and condensation water is freezing. Don't get too close to the wall to avoid poor ventilation. If it needs to be used in corrosive gas environment, it is necessary to use copper tube antirust dryer or stainless steel heat exchanger dryer. It should be used at ambient temperature below 40 ℃.

2. Do not connect the air inlet of the compressor wrongly. In order to facilitate maintenance and ensure maintenance space, bypass pipe should be set. The vibration of the air compressor must be prevented from being transmitted to the dryer. Piping weight cannot be added to desiccant directly.

3. Don't stand the drain up, don't discount or flatten it.

4. The allowable variation of supply voltage is less than ± 10%. The leakage protection device shall be set with appropriate capacity. It must be grounded before use.

5. When the inlet temperature of compressed air is too high, the ambient temperature is too high (above 40 ℃), the flow rate exceeds the rated air handling capacity, the voltage fluctuation exceeds ± 10%, and the ventilation is too poor (the air should be exchanged in winter, otherwise the room temperature will rise), the protection circuit will play a role, the indicator will go out and stop running.

6. When the air pressure is higher than 0.15Mpa, the outlet of the normally open automatic drainer can be closed. When the displacement of the air compressor is too small, the drain is in the open state, and there is air blowing out.

7. The quality of compressed air is poor. If it is mixed with dust and oil, these pollutants will adhere to the heat exchanger, which will reduce its working efficiency. At the same time, the drainage is also easy to fail. It is expected to install a filter screen at the dryer inlet and confirm that the water is drained at least once a day.

8. The air vent of dryer should be cleaned by vacuum cleaner once a month.

9. Connect the power supply until the running state is stable, and then connect the compressed air. After stopping, you must wait more than 3 minutes to restart.

10. If automatic drainer is used, its drainage condition should be checked frequently. The dust of capacitor should be removed frequently. Check the refrigerant pressure regularly to judge whether the refrigerant leaks and whether the refrigerant capacity changes. It is necessary to check whether the temperature of condensate is normal.

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