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The future of large air separation plant localization

2021-01-15 09:29:37

After decades of precipitation, the design and manufacturing level of domestic large and super large air separation units has made great progress in the process of improving production capacity and specifications through the practice of hundreds of large air separation units. Hangyang process has mastered the design and manufacturing technology of air separation unit, such as air separation process organization, process calculation, distillation calculation, fine manufacturing, safety assessment, etc. Under the condition that the supporting units are basically the same, the technical performance indexes of large and extra large air separation units designed, manufactured and completed in China, such as product output, purity, variety, pressure, oxygen extraction rate, energy consumption, operation cycle, etc. It has reached the international first-class level, equivalent to the products of foreign-funded enterprises, so that the complete set price of foreign-funded brand products has also dropped sharply, which is at the same level as that of domestic equipment. However, compared with the advanced level of foreign countries, there is still a gap.

The large compressor and supercharger matched with the air separation unit are the key transfer units in the air separation unit, accounting for about 40% of the investment in large and extra large air separation units. Their efficiency directly affects the efficiency and energy consumption of the whole air separation plant. There is still a certain gap between domestic large air compressors and superchargers and the machines of Mento and Siemens. Moreover, there are few achievements of domestic air separation units, which can not be recognized by complete manufacturers and users. This is also the key to the low localization rate of large and extra large air separation units. Turbo expander and cryogenic liquid pump matching with air separation also have the same dilemma as compressor.

The overall technical level of complete sets of domestic air separation equipment and auxiliary devices can reach the level of similar foreign products. However, domestic equipment often has problems such as low reliability, insufficient meticulous management in the design and manufacturing process, and constant small errors. Therefore, small problems lead to big problems, which is also the main factor for users to choose to import under the same conditions. In addition, the general design, structural design, pipeline layout and other considerations, there are coarse, large, stupid, waste of materials and unsightly places.


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