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Judgment method of industrial nitrogen generator operation

2021-01-05 15:36:10

The general nitrogen machine can be analyzed according to the following conditions. In the operation process, whether the nitrogen machine is running well or not, if not, it needs to be checked by professional personnel

1. The power indicator light, left suction indicator light, pressure indicator light and right suction indicator light cycle to indicate the nitrogen production process. Using the air of nitrogen generator as raw material and high quality carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, the principle of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) was applied, and microporous molecules were used to selectively adsorb air to achieve the purpose of oxygen and nitrogen separation. Nitrogen generator is designed and manufactured according to PSA technology.

2. The nitrogen plant is designed and manufactured by pressure swing nitrogen absorption process. When the left suction indicator light is on, the balance pressure of the left suction tower increases gradually with the pressure balance, while when the pressure is balanced, the balance pressure of the right suction tower decreases gradually to zero. When the homogenization pressure indicator is on, the pressure drop in the adsorption tower tends to balance.

3. When the indicator light of the right suction tower is on, the balance pressure of the right suction tower increases gradually, and the balance pressure of the left suction tower decreases to zero gradually.

4. The nitrogen outlet pressure of nitrogen generator is expressed by normal pressure. When using, the pressure fluctuation is small, but the change is not too big.

5. The indication of the electric energy meter should be basically stable, and the fluctuation should not be too large. The indication value of the flowmeter shall not be greater than the rated gas volume of the nitrogen making equipment. The rated purity displayed on the oxygen meter of the nitrogen machine should not be less than that of the nitrogen equipment. There may be a little fluctuation, but it should not fluctuate too much.

Nitrogen machine production

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