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What are the main advantages and disadvantages of vacuum dryer?

2020-12-31 00:00:00

Main advantages of vacuum drying:

1. The whole process is automatic, pipelined, continuous and programmed.

2. The drying process is completed under the condition of vacuum and low temperature. The heat sensitive materials are invariable and have no chance of contamination.

3. Suitable for drying all kinds of difficult materials.

4. The material dryness (moisture content) is adjustable.

5, energy consumption is only three points of the same volume of centrifugal sprayer.

6. PLC touch screen is used for operation and control, and continuous protection device is set.

7. This machine is reasonable in design, compact in structure, convenient in installation and debugging, and suitable for most working conditions.

Disadvantages of vacuum dryer:

It needs a set of vacuum system which can pump steam, so that the equipment investment cost is high, the operation cost is high, the equipment production efficiency is low, and the output is small. In order to overcome these shortcomings, many scientific and technological workers have made a lot of efforts. At the same time, because vacuum drying has many advantages, some products have to use vacuum drying equipment. Therefore, the development of vacuum drying equipment will have a bright future. In addition, vacuum drying has a series of advantages, such as low drying temperature, relative lack of oxygen in the drying room, avoiding fat oxidation, pigment browning and so on. It is suitable for drying heat sensitive food materials. In addition, the equipment cost and drying cost are relatively low. Vacuum drying plays an important role in food drying.

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