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Characteristics of PSA oxygen plant

2020-11-11 16:54:39

Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology makes use of the strong interaction between the special molecular sieve for pressure swing adsorption and the quadrupole moment of nitrogen molecule to adsorb nitrogen on zeolite adsorbent, while oxygen adsorption is less, so as to realize the separation of oxygen and nitrogen.

PSA oxygen generator is mainly composed of power system (blower), vacuum pump, commutator (PLC control) and adsorption system. The raw air is discharged from the dust particles through the suction nozzle filter, and then pressurized by roots blower into one of the adsorption tubes. After the adsorbent is loaded in the adsorber, the water, carbon dioxide and a small amount of other gas components in the air are removed by pretreatment, and then nitrogen is adsorbed by special molecular sieve for pressure swing adsorption. Oxygen (including argon) is a non adsorption component, which is discharged from the top outlet of the absorber as product gas and enters the oxygen buffer tank. The purity of product gas can be adjusted between 50% and 93%.

When the adsorber of PSA oxygen plant is adsorbed to a certain extent, the adsorbent in it will reach saturation state. At this time, the vacuum is pumped by vacuum pump through the switch valve (opposite to the adsorption direction). The adsorbed water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and a small amount of other gas components are extracted and discharged into the atmosphere, and the adsorbent is regenerated. The above process steps are automatically controlled by PLC and on-off valve system.

PSA oxygen production equipment

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