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Nitrogen production principle of membrane air separation in nitrogen generator

2020-09-11 00:00:00

Nitrogen generator refers to the equipment that uses air as raw material to separate oxygen and nitrogen from air by physical methods. According to the different classification methods, i.e. cryogenic air separation, molecular sieve air separation and membrane air separation, there are three types of nitrogen generators used in industry.

The air enters the polymer membrane filter after being compressed and filtered by the compressor. Due to the different solubility and diffusion coefficient of various gases in the membrane, the relative permeation rate of different gases in the membrane is different. According to this characteristic, various gases can be divided into "fast gas" and "slow gas".

Under the effect of the pressure difference between the two sides of the membrane, the gases with relatively fast permeation rate, such as water, hydrogen, helium, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, will be enriched at the permeation side of the membrane, while the gases with relatively slow permeation rate, such as methane, nitrogen, carbon monoxide and argon, will be retained at the side of the membrane and enriched to achieve the purpose of separation of mixed gases 。

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