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What are the factors affecting the purity of the nitrogen generator?

2020-09-10 00:00:00

The adsorption pressure of the nitrogen generator is unstable, such as too high, exceeding 0.8Mpa or the adsorption pressure is too low, below 0.6Mpa; the gas source contains too much water and oil; the outlet part of the interface leaks; the intake air volume is too high and the pressure rises too much fast;

The following solutions can be taken to improve the nitrogen purity of the nitrogen generator:

   1. Reduce hourly air pressure and increase intake pressure

   2.add a storage tank to the air inlet

   3. Remove and reconnect

   4. Replace molecular sieve

   5. Adjust the inlet control valve of the nitrogen generator to reduce the air intake, and install an oil-water separator before the inlet


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