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Advantages and disadvantages of three air separation and oxygen production methods

2020-09-10 00:00:00

Remaining between the advantages and disadvantages of cryogenic method, pressure swing adsorption method and membrane separation method, the separation method combining the two is often used. For example, the low-temperature method and the membrane separation method are organically combined to reduce production costs, increase oxygen production efficiency, and increase the output and purity of gas products to adapt to multiple uses of gas. For example, the membrane separation method and the cryogenic method are combined to separate hydrogen and hydrocarbons from the dry gas of catalytic cracking. The membrane separation method is used to recover most of the hydrogen in the dry gas to enrich the remaining components in the dry gas. The dew point of the top gas of the demethanizer is increased, and the energy consumption and ethylene loss of the demethanizer are reduced. The combined process is particularly suitable for large-scale refineries with low-temperature separation devices that are short of hydrogen resources, and plays a great role in economic development.

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