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Features of coal chemical industry type internal compression process air separation equipment

2020-09-10 00:00:00

In the modern coal chemical industry, air separation equipment mainly provides oxygen and nitrogen. Oxygen is mainly used as gasification agent and reaction raw material. Nitrogen of different pressure grades is used as raw material nitrogen, inert protective gas, pneumatic conveying gas and purge gas. In the past, my country's coal chemical industry mainly used air, oxygen-enriched or low-pressure pure oxygen as gasification agents. The gasification efficiency, carbon conversion rate and gasifier capacity are all low. With the progress of coal gasification technology, modern coal gasification is moving towards high pressure (4~utilization, reducing the energy consumption of syngas compression or achieving isobaric synthesis, reaching 15MPa) and large-scale development to achieve efficient energy recovery.

Taking the 48,000 m3/h air separation plant of Sinopec Anqing Branch as an example, according to the Shell powder coal gasification process, the synthetic ammonia process and the gas demand of the whole plant, the air separation plant provides 812MPa ultra-high pressure nitrogen for powder gas transportation, 4152MPa high pressure Oxygen is used as a gasification agent, and 312MPa medium pressure nitrogen is used as the raw material nitrogen for ammonia synthesis; 212MPa medium pressure nitrogen is used for oil refining and acrylic fiber devices. The low-temperature methanol washing device uses 0146MPa low-pressure nitrogen for the stripping process. The air separation device must also be provided to the entire plant Instrument wind and plant wind. Therefore, the oxygen and nitrogen product parameters of the coal chemical air separation plant must match the main process requirements of the coal chemical industry. Different coal chemical projects and the characteristics of gasifiers determine the scale and product structure of the supporting air separation equipment.


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